Friday, October 06, 2006

Be prepared to lose your Appetite....

Can you smell it? If only the net could capture the odurs as well it would better bring my point across. Readers from overseas would find this posting a bit hilarious, but if any have visited Malaysia, you would understand why we Malaysians would rather hold our piss then to visit a..........Public toilet. Ahhhhh the mere mention of these two words have put me off my lunch!!!

I intend sometime after my travelling schedule this month to visit all the schools in my suburb. Perhaps take some pictures of the toilets our children use everyday. I visited my son in school during his recess and could hardly breathe. He was about 30 feet from the toilet and the stench was......."public toiletish". We cannot keep clean public toilets if our schools in Malaysia do not insist on keeping clean toilets. These children will become working adults who will be used to and accept...... this standard of public toilets. The Ministry of Education must come up with strict guidelines to
ensure the school or PTA do whatever necessary to maintain a level of hygiene and cleaniness.
Some ideas include: 1) subcontracting out the cleaning to outside companies which can provide opportunities for cronies to make more money.
2) Simply having running water in urinals especially during high usage times
3) Jet hosting the entire toilet with anti bacterial and water at least twice a day.
4) Teaching kids proper toilet use and thought for the person coming after..
5) Having some classes take turns in cleaning toilets, perhaps for older children. (practical in domestic studies 101)

I must say that the PLUS highway rest areas have been able to maintain an acceptable level of cleaniness which proves that it is possible to have clean public toilets.

In November, I shall make my survey of schools in my area and post the results here!!!

Till then, hope your appetite comes back for dinner.