Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat success crucial

To say that Malaysia is at a crossroads is an understatement. The nation of 52 years is bursting out of her cocoon hanging by a thread with vultures flying around. To me, the proof that Malaysians of various races and religion are able to truly live together in a secular environment will be seen in the success of the Pakatan Rakyat formula. The Pakatan Rakyat consists of a coalition of “Truly Malaysia”. PAS, DAP and PKR represent the major interest groups in Malaysia and for them to be able to come to the table to agree on a common platform to govern Malaysia will indicate that the nation has reached a level of maturity in this new politics championed by the opposition. Its success is therefore crucial.

It is not to say that the Barisan Nasional formula in the last 52 years did not serve the nation. Indeed, through the BN government came much peace and prosperity. Our forefathers had a vision of uniting Malaysia with coalition of the 3 major ethnic groups in the country. However, the race issue has been hijacked over the years to ensure that the BN remains in power and the rakyat held ransom to this fear. The younger generation do not appreciate living in fear and walking on egg shells each time an ethnic group is offended. The younger generation do not want to merely “tolerate” each other.

Therefore, the coming together of the 3 major representatives of society through PAS, DAP and PKR and their success is not to be belittled. It is significant for the nation and the rebirth of Malaysia. It spells hope to the younger generation who have been disillusioned and we all pray earnestly together for their success.