Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Untuk Kakitangan MPSJ Sahaja

There is a beautiful kindergarten situated in USJ3C equipped with playground, a small tarred parking lot which would be a wonderful facility for the neighbourhood.

Unfortunately; its not for the public. The sign says "TASKA - Untuk kakitangan MPSJ Sahaja"
MPSJ is a very good employer to provide such facilities to their staff however, if they use public funds (from cukai pintu etc) then such facilities should be open to USJ residents as well.

For those who have no transport, the MPSJ children are fetched to this kindergarten using a beautiful tourist type MPSJ bus each morning.
This MPSJ Bus, whatever its for is definitely not for public use. Once again, something the residents of USJ cannot enjoy.

I do not have a picture of the beautiful Auditorium inside the MPSJ building, but a recent call to MPSJ to book the auditorium for a non profit event was turned down. Once again, USJ residents who pay cukai pintu and all kinds of Municipal taxes are not able to enjoy such facilities.

I believe that we should encourage volunteerism and social work among residents in urban cities and such work should be supported by the local municipals. Thus whatever public resources available should be channeled to encourage, fund and promote these non profit work. It is not right that public funds are used exclusively for a certain group of people. While a case could be made for stewardship of such facilities and limiting its public use falling under that reason; these public facilities could limited for non profit or community building work in the Municipality.

I hope the new ADUN and the state government would look into issues such as this.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Malaysiakini story "16th April" on pig issue

It was reported in www.Malaysiakini.com last week that "M'cca CM flamed over blog-post on pig farm". Today I overheard on RTM Propoganda news once again trying to play up this story again declaring that the malays in Selangor are angry at Pakatan Rakyat. It has been made public, however that an UMNO man, a MALAY UMNO MAN; if not clear I will say it again, Badawi's Islam Hadhari party and UMNO MAN; Karim Mansor; former state assemblyman of Tanjung Sepat approved the project.

Not only did he approve the project but, Karim Mansor made a trip to Germany to visit a PIG FARM already using this technology. He was standing in a Pig pan...something I (a Kafir) would not even do. Now he leads the state opposition party in a protest against this Centralised Pig Farm in Sepang. Now suddenly he is the good muslim inciting religous and racial sentiments.

Is this not typical BN style politics, the very politics we as in ALL MALAYSIANS (Malay, Chinese, Indians) voted out. We said enough of dividing us, enough of inciting racial sentiments; we love each other too much and we love Malaysia too much.

This Centralised Pig Farm is going to consolidate the many pig farms in the Klang Valley and Selangor into one location; using modern technology to ensure clean and hygenic disposal of waste and water. I thought it was a great idea and credit should go to the former Selangor government but since they deny any knowledge of it; well then GOOD JOB Tan Sri Khalid and gang!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Malaysiakini: Anwar - The man with a mission harbours no bitterness

On eve of political liberation, Anwar is in a forgiving mood
Terence Netto Apr 14, 08 11:59am
On the eve of his liberation from elective constraints, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim chose to ruminate on his predicament through the lens of Roman stoic philosopher Epictetus who warned that every human situation is like a vase with two handles. For instance, if you are the victim of some injustice, you can either grasp the handle of your victimisation or you can grasp the handle that looks behind the injustice to its causes and aim to remove them. “I see all my efforts since my release from prison as grasping the handle that looks to the factors behind my victimisation and the need to remove them,” he said in remarks to Malaysiakini during a pause in a hectic schedule as chairman-in-waiting of the newly formed Pakatan Rakyat, or People’s Alliance, the fledgling coalition of PKR, DAP and PAS that jointly holds 82 seats in Parliament and controls five state legislatures.

Tomorrow, the PKR leader is freed of a five-year ban that disqualified him from elective office following a conviction for corruption handed down on April 14, 1999. In opposition circles, the earlier date has come to acquire an aura of infamy, in the way perhaps June 4, 1989, the date of the Tiananmen Square massacre is to Chinese students, or similar episodes in recent history that are markers highlighting the beginning of a new epoch or new consciousness. The reformasi movement in Malaysia took its rise from Anwar’s travails in September 1998 and PKR, the political party it spawned, got its start in April 1999.

Anwar said he had no reason to pick at the scab of his recent past of six years in jail and expose the wound of his incarceration on what now increasingly seem trumped-up charges of corruption and sodomy. “While it’s true that life must be understood backward, it must be lived forward,” said Anwar, quoting the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard. “I’ve no desire to dwell on the past to fault-find or fix the blame,” he continued. “Life is too short to be small.”

As an indication of his thinking, Anwar, who last week delivered the keynote address on the centenary of the birth of Hamka (below), the renowned Indonesian Islamic scholar, cited a quotation from Hamka with which he closed his speech at Muhammadiyah University in Jakarta: “The shifting sands of time render all things impermanent. Some will rise and some will fall. As for me, just as I have come, I too shall leave this worldly life which alternates between joy and grief… and even as I fall victim to my oppressors’ wrong, whose tyranny knows no bounds drunk as they are with power, they ought to know that they too will also fade into oblivion… as for those who have vilified me and sullied my name and my honour with their boundless hate and envy … this much I can offer them: to err is human, to forgive divine…”Hamka (1908-81), who was imprisoned by Sukarno on trumped-up charges of being a traitor to the country, forgave his nemesis and moved on to become one of the leading lights in the cultural and political reform movement of the region.

Nearing the end of his period of exclusion from elective office, Anwar, in quoting this passage, has shown his magnanimity of spirit, harbouring neither ill-will nor animosity towards his detractors and adversaries.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Poetic Justice

This last month our country has seen a reversal of fate of sorts. One such example is the current MP for Batu, YB Tian Chua!

Pictures like these have been a common sight for the last 8 years. Pictures of Tian Chua being dragged away, roughed up and abused by police and FRU. Just recently, a week before the 12th General Elections Tian Chua was dragged away from parliament when he was there in show of support for the Hindraf 5 held under ISA. (Imprisonment without charging in court)

YB Tian Chua will on April 28th, will go to Parliament as a elected MP for the seat of Batu.
He will represent Pakatan Rakyat (People's Alliance) to seek the end of ISA, the implementation of Independent Police Commission and other unjust laws in Malaysia.

This is poetic justice in Malaysia.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Najib was seen standing behind Pak Lah yesterday at the press conference with a target bull eye's on his batik, maybe subtly sending a message "SHOOT ME".

Pak Lah and Najib fighting the fiery darts from everywhere; from the opposition and from within his own party....its falling apart. Its crumbling. Years of arrogance, greed, corruption, cronyism...its all catching up with UMNO. Like the twin towers..ITS IMPLODING

The president claims that he was sabotaged...emmmmm it may turn out that he was the sabotager without him even realising it....yes minister!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Why MCA by comedy court - Too funny!


Pak Lah :The Greatest Malaysian Reformer

The online dictionary provided the definition of a Reformer as :
1. To improve by alteration, correction of error, or removal of defects; put into a better form or condition.
a. To abolish abuse or malpractice in: reform the government.
b. To put an end to (a wrong). See Synonyms at

I would say that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is the greatest Reformer Malaysia has ever seen. Never in the history of Malaysia has such widespread reform in government from local municipal to state wide politics been undertaken as it is now. Don’t look at this in wrong way, but allow the facts to speak for itself – under the “watchful” eye of PM Abdullah:
1) There is greater space for discourse in the media, internet and coffee shops
2) A lesser fear of retribution from Special Branch, as compared to previous administration.
3) Allowed opposition to control a record number of states (5) to allow for greater reform
4) As a result of opposition controlling these 5 states there will local council elections in a few years- Not since 1964
5) Malaysian Parliament has a record number of opposition MPs which will allow for greater accountability and reform in Parliament.
6)Penang will have drastic changes and reform in government as they review past abuses.

Call him the “Accidental Reformer” if you will but Pak Lah is definitely the man for the times! A hero from the rank and file of UMNO!