Thursday, September 03, 2009

Letter to Malaysiakini

Sep 2, 09

Good morning MCA, are you awake? What happened to the protector of the Chinese rights? Are you not a significant part of the Barisan Nasional government anymore?
Are you still subservient to the dominant Umno party? Looks like Umno wants to play up the racial card again. Very soon, the keris will be flying and then the rhetoric begins.

This is the Malaysia of Barisan Nasional. I recall the heyday of BN under Mahathir when Umno would spew venomous rhetoric, MCA Youth would make noise and in the end, peaceful reconciliation.

All this sandiwara (drama) to show how delicate racial relations are in Malaysia and underline the need for race based parties.

But then something happened in March 2008 when the rakyat experimented with a multi racial platform and suddenly the racial curse was lifted.

The schemes of Barisan Nasional became plain for all to see. Barisan Nasional lost its identity and was not sure how to present themselves anymore.

So to regain traction and attraction, they begin to create incidents to show how sensitive and delicate the race issue still is in Malaysia.
How explosive it could be and that at anytime, we will burst forth into racial riots.

Utusan Malaysia leads this propaganda inciting the Malays, and suddenly everything becomes a race issue.
From the death of a young Chinese political aide to the moving of a Hindu temple, race and religion is played up.

Malaysians, however, univocally will say it once again, we love Malaysia and we love the way it was supposed to be. The way Onn Jaafar dreamt it and the way the Tunku planned it.

We must reclaim the Malaysia we grew up in and not let narrow political agendas ruin our beloved homeland. We are the patriots, the true nationalists, the beloved citizens.

So MCA, MIC and Gerakan, is this the way you want to reform?

It looks like a reform back to the days of Mahathir. If it is then you will surely become irrelevant to a citizenry who has been released from the spell of racism.