Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who is Pastor Niemoeller

Inspirition from the side walk of Boston city :

For those who think they would not vote this coming election...think again.
For those who say that whats happening in the country is none of my business...think again
For those who think they can put their heads in the sand and wait it out....think again.
The caption below (too small to read )
Martin Niemoeller
Pastor Lutheran church
This statement, attributed to Pastor Niemoeller has become a legendary expression of the lesson of the holocaust. Ironically, Niemoeller had delivered anti-sematic sermons in the early years of the Nazi regime. He later opposed Hitler and was sent to the concentration camp.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

AMAZING GRACE...the movie

A movie that never made it to the Malaysian cinemas but yet ranked among my favourites; is the movie AMAZING GRACE; starring Iaoan Grafford. It has even inspired me to come out of hibernation. Thanks to the not so legal supply of videos, the movie is still made available to the Malaysian public. :>
In 1793, William Wilberforce had written to a friend:
"In every small question of politics, there appears to me room to consider the times and seasons. But where a real moral evil is in question, a man who fears God is not at liberty. Even if I thought that the immediate abolition of the slave trade would cause an insurrection in our islands, I should not for an instance stop my endeavors. Be persuaded then, if I would not stop because of the insurrection, I shall even less sacrifice this grand cause to motives of political convenience or personal feeling."
The question to us in Malaysia and that rings in my head is "How does God feel about the issues of racism in our country?" Is it a "real moral evil" that should move us too?