Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tis the season...........

Christmas in Malaysia is such a joyous occasion celebrated by many – Christians and non Christians exchange gifts with one another. The school holidays of course helps as families spent time together walking the shopping malls. The shopping malls are adorned with lights as Christmas carols are piped through. The carols speak of peace and joy and glad tidings of the birth of Christ.

The spirit of gift giving is a reminder for us all that the greatest gift of all was given in God’s only son, Jesus Christ. The Bible speaks of the hopelessness of man, the nature of the sinful man. Left alone man will always turn to evil, to sin. That is why I am in the opinion that the “moral police” in Malaysia is ineffective and a waste of time. In fact it gives the authorities a sense of self righteousness which is false. The good book says “All have sin and fallen short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23 None is righteous, no not even one.

There are 3 things common I believe in most if not all man;
1) The need to worship something. I have read accounts of missionaries who say that in the deepest jungles, where tribes may never have seen another human being apart from their own tribe, the people there worship some form of a higher being. A god, or a spirit in some object. Perhaps we as creatures (as opposed to the creator) need to worship. Us urban dwellers, perhaps worship the Ringgit or power or self….?
2) The need to find atonement or release from our wrongdoings, our guilt. Either you beat yourself, whip yourself (as in some religions) or do lots of charity work, we need to feel forgiven of our selfishness and sinfulness. It may not be obviously evident but the need to be “on the right track” , I think, is there in all that we do.
3) We all will face death and we are all heading that direction.

Christ came so that we can find solutions to the problems we face above. He suffered and paid the price of our sins. He came as a substitute on our behalf. That is why Christmas carols speak of ………………..
Peace – Peace in our hearts because we are reconciled back to a righteous God; not by our own righteousness but Christ righteousness.
Joy - Joy in our hearts because we can take delight in a God who loves us
Goodwill to all man – Goodwill because Christians understand sin and grace. We can be gracious to one another because it was God who showed us grace.

God Bless you all and may this Christmas bring you much Joy, Peace and Goodwill……