Friday, December 19, 2008

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Ember of hope at PKR national congress
Meng Yee Dec 4, 08 3:58pm
I refer to the Malaysiakini report Victory glee, hero worship dominate PKR meet.
Amidst the ugliness Malaysian politics; its racial undertones, fighting for communal interests, sexual allegations, money politics and mudslinging; something beautiful is emerging on the Malaysian political landscape. Something which appears in its infancy; an ember of hope which must be publicised and highlighted to all Malaysians.

During the recently concluded PKR national congress of which I attended as a representative, I was pleased to see the fervency and zealousness of the speakers in defending the rights, not of their own races, but that of the other races. This, to me, was a dream come true for Malaysia. A skeptic would say its all politics, but in Umno politics, defending the rights of the other races would be seen as suicidal.

During the PKR congress, an MP from Kedah spoke vehemently about the rights of minorities to study their own mother tongue. He, a Malay, spoke of the rights of minorities such as the Malaysian Thais, the Indians and the Chinese to learn their mother tongue in vernacular schools. As such, these schools must be lifted from the wastelands and the run-down conditions in which they are in currently. The Malaysian Thais, many of whom do not have their own vernacular schools, are also covered under the Malaysian constitution.

An Indian MP then spoke up in defence of Islam as the state religion as provided in the constitution and the Malay language as the national language. There is no compromise on this as it is provided for and protected under the Malaysian constitution.
The Malay language must continue as the medium of instruction while the standard of English in improved by studying literature and the great classics. There is also no issue of Islam or the Malays being threatened as painted by Umno.

A Chinese lawyer from Sarawak then spoke up passionately over the loss of native customary rights land by the Dayaks and the Ibans. She represents over 200 people who year after year, see their land and long houses taken away by the state government.
These fellow Malaysians are voiceless and downtrodden. Yet an ethnic Chinese has taken up their cause.

Such is the future of Malaysian politics and if this little ember of hope is given the chance to ignite into the flame of freedom for all Malaysians, this will be a dream come true for us all.
One which Onn Jaafar, the great Malaysian, envisioned Malaysia to be. God willing we shall put our petty differences aside and build a united Malaysia which can compete in the global arena.
What I saw during the PKR national congress brought new hope for a truly united Malaysia.
May God protect and bless this little ember of hope.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hope in Congress hope for Malaysia

It's hope we get from PKR congress - Malaysiakini
Meng Yee Dec 15, 08 6:13pm
Since the PKR national congress received little positive coverage, I feel it important to share a message of hope for fellow Malaysians. Anwar Ibrahim in his closing speech at the congress last month encouraged members with the following three reminders:
1) People - In the end, it is the people or rakyat who will remove the corrupt regime. The people are not blind and neither are they deaf. As injustice, corruption and oppression are blatant in government, the rakyat will not sit quietly to watch this. This is true in Sarawak and Sabah where poverty is rampant their leaders are enjoying the fattened calf. Land and businesses are being taken away by our leaders. In the end, as in March 8, the rakyat will remove the arrogant government.
2) Patience - We’ve struggled 10 years. What’s another few months or a couple of years? We must be patient to realising a civil and mature democratic society - one where the constitution is respected. It will not be long in coming.
3) Prayer - We as Malaysians of all faiths must not underestimated the power of the Almighty and must together pray for an end to a corrupt government. We must pray for justice and for righteousness. We must pray that God will judge those who are evil and who have committed murder and corruption.