Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We have enough of raced based politics. ENOUGH!

 The Minister in the PM Dept Dr Paul Low recently said that Malaysia was not ready to see the end of race-based politics. He added that politicians needed to survive and therefore the reality is that raced based politics namely the BN formula is here to stay. He said it here:
  The BN formula is one framed during Independence bringing the three main races in Peninsular Malaysia under one political coalition. Each race is represented by a political party within that coalition.  That formula worked well when there were many first generation Malaysians who had needs that were distinct and particular to that migrant race. The BN government sought to unite Malaysians through national economic and educational policies.

The time has long come for all Malaysians to be identified as Malaysians. Proud of our individual heritage but always working to the common objective and goal of a prosperous and united Malaysia.  Each Malaysian brings their best to the table so that no one who claims to be born in these shores should ever suffer oppression, injustice or denied education to lift themselves from the cycle of poverty because of their race. As such there is really no more need for a political party like the BN to represent the various races. We observed this in the last General Elections where only 47% of the votes were captured by the BN government.

Visionary leaders lead and shape the future, based on a principled stand.  A principled stand shaped by a moral belief and conviction.  For many post Merdeka Malaysians, the stand is that race based politics is wrong. Anyone defending or supporting race based political parties like Dr. Paul Low is misguided and seeks only to defend a dying leviathan. Race based politics is antithetical to a united Malaysia which is crucial at a time when Malaysia is in desperate need to step up to the international scene for economic and world peace agenda. We cannot be like the current administration who screams moderation and democracy beyond the borders but arrests opposition, muzzle her citizens, hide financial scandals and encourage racial superiority within.  Dr. Paul Low chosen to the government because of his involvement in Transparency International and a known Christian leader should also know the evils of raced based politics especially its shape and form today.  The God Dr. Paul Low knows shows no partiality and favours no race over another.  There is simply no more justification for race based politics in Malaysia. By saying its existence is necessary for politicians is saying that these politicians need a crutch and they are not leaders who could lead Malaysia forward but instead have outlived their ├╝se by”date. These politicians need to make way for visionary leaders.

Dr. Paul Low’s statement is disappointing to say the least but it gives us a glimpse into the thoughts and belief system of these politicians within the Barisan Nasional government.  Its old politics and it won’t be long before their end.  It will be replaced with new politics of a civil society and the rule of law for all Malaysians. As His Majesty, the current Sultan of Perak said sometime ago; 
"Malaysians of all races, religions and geographic locations needed to believe “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that they have a place under the Malaysian sun. "
We can only hope and pray that it will be soon.