Monday, July 21, 2014

Reflections of Malaysia's Twin Tragedies

I would not be able to fully comprehend the pain which the families of both MH370 and MH17 must be going through. We as a nation however grieve alongside and mourn the deaths of the many people from various nationalities who died from the twin tragedy. To hear the many stories of lost fathers and mothers, sons and daughters and lovers brings an aching in the soul which words cannot express. 

Perhaps in trying to make meaning out of all this, the consolation is to believe that in some way our friends did not die for no reason. Perhaps in the stars above they speak to us of lessons to be learnt.  Someone once said that unless death is made a lesson for the living, the life lived is wasted.  Certainly the manner and swiftness in which they left offer us some valuable lessons. If nothing it puts life in its proper perspective.

It reminds me to celebrate life. I wake up in the morning and I go to sleep at night. Each day this cycle repeats itself but the tendency is to forget that “innumerable are the ills which beset human life, and present death in many different forms.” (Calvin) Life is fragile and we often take for granted that the good Lord above has seen it fit for me to live and breathe another day.  Before I go to bed tonight, I shall thank my God for watching over me and protecting me for yet another day.

I shall celebrate the relationships around me. I am blessed with friends and family who fills my life with joy and laughter.  I have a loving wife and three teenagers.  Tomorrow morning before I go out, I shall hug them a bit longer and thank my God for the relationships which make this life ever so meaningful.   

I celebrate living.  It is good to be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  Eating, drinking, playing, working and studying. They are sweet and I am thankful. 

Apart from all the good things their tragic departure also trivializes all that we make so much of.  The stupidity of fighting for a religion or the superiority of a race.  The madness of being offended by a tweet or a facebook posting. The arrogance and apathy we show to those less fortunate or who are different from us.   Surely we take ourselves too seriously.  In the end of it all the twin tragedy reminds us that death awaits us all and is the great leveler.  There are no titles nor honorifics in death. 

I hope those who constantly display racial animosity or who insists that they are entitled because of their birthright will be still to consider the fragility and brevity of life itself and in honor of those who have gone in this twin tragedy to reconsider their position.

YOLO! Live it well