Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Australia is really quite beautiful

Just got back from a week in Melbourne. The city is really quite beautiful. Australians are very proud of their envirnonment and protect it religously. They are really quite strict at the immigration as far as bringing anything which might carry a new insect or organism.
I had 3 picture frames which I was planning to put up at my exhibition booth, and they had to double check that it was ok.

I enjoyed the fresh air for a change and clear blue skies! Wish Malaysia could get rid of the soot spewing trucks and busses that ply our highways everyday!

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Totally agree with you on Australia being a nice place. It's always been great. I remember the days when I was back in Perth and there was a river called Swan river. Together with a few mates of mine we casted a fisherman's net in the middle of a summer night and the breeze was excellent. On top of catching a load of prawns, we also caught a stingray. Amazing I tell you, what you can find in those waters. That was one night I cose to remember. This place, I reckon, is blessed.