Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Higher salary and retraining for the Police

Today headlines in the SUN; wife of Subang Jaya police officer latest victim of snatch thief. From petty crimes to serious crimes its prevalent and its bad for business.

Are they signs of a cracking economy? With figures of unemployment at around 60,000; lay offs at MAS, JVC and other factories around Malaysia I tend to think so. Real money is hard to come by and is not circulating as before. Its not hitting the middle income, but the lower income group, the blue collar workers. I do not subscribe to the deficit spending of the last 20 years but real changes has to be made to bring confidence back and foreign investors returning. We have to be competitive once again.

My point was not economics, but to say that many of us in the Klang Valley subscribe to security services. We have done so because the police force is simply incapable of protecting the rakyat and ensuring a level of safety when we go out. The government must begin to revamp the Royal Malaysian Police. I hope the changes implemented go beyond wearing buttons and issuing car stickers.

- The government must pay the police sufficiently so that a RM50 bribe is not worth them taking. Their current salary is meagre income when living in the city. We can built a sports complex in the UK, why can't we pay the police officers a bit more and make the profession more attractive.

-The police force must be re trained to be service oriented to the public. Willingness to help and courteous

- The police force must be equipped with the latest crime solving tools. Every police office should be sufficiently equipped. Better distress call systems and speedy repsonse.

- Instill greater discipline. It appears very tardy when a police officer in uniform is seen smoking. I think police officers in uniform should not be seen smoking. It is bad example to our young and it simply looks unprofessional.


HM said...

Economics, economics - we can't run away from it...

Lets compare the police force between Bolehland and Kiasuland. Without a doubt, our southern neighbour wins hands down in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, discipline, image, the trust the public has in them and on every other measure I care to think of. True enough, they have a smaller area to cover but does that explain it all ? I doubt it.

Where are the differences ? Better paid ? For sure. Better trained ? Probably. Better techonology ? Maybe. Better discipline and attitude ? Without a doubt.

What makes a policeman ? A service mentality ? A vocation ? Surely not the pay ! A way to make alternative income ? Perhaps.

Are we asking too much ? Probably. I will settle for just more efficiency, effectiveness and less corruption.


Again JZ from Lasoba had this to contribute about Singapore and I'm not saying its better/worst. It could be an isolated incident.

This is the thing that pisses me off about public service nowadays. And this is not restricted to Malaysia.

My neighbour, Mrs Wee, who is 70-odd years old was doing some grocery shopping about 9 at night a couple of miles down the road in the Katong area (I'm in the Siglap area). She got on a bus, only to realise she'd left her handbag at the bus stop. She got off at the next stop, ran back but the bag was gone. She went to a nearby guard house at the shopping centre, and they called the cops who sent two chaps round in a car.

They called her handphone which was in the bag, managed to speak to some chap who said he'd taken the bag home to Bendemeer a few miles away and he could wait for her to turn up to collect it.

The cops refused to take her and suggested she take a cab there. A cab! A 70 year old lady, take a cab to an area that has more than its fair share of undesirables, at night, and to meet a stranger!!!! What the xxx were these cops thinking? And she didn't even have any money on her to take a cab in the first place!

She refused and asked the cops to take her home instead so she could get some money. They also refused, saying it was not in their district (I've walked back from that place, at night, after drinks, it's not that far!) and they would get in trouble if they sent her (what are cops for if not to help people, especially old people in need of help, for fuck's sake!). She pleaded with them and asked them to call their superior which eventually they did, and he gave the OK for them to leave their precinct (it's xxxxing Singapore for xxxx's sake, the whole xxxxing island is about the size of one xxxing precinct in Malaysia or whatever) and send her home.?

By which time it was 10 xxxxing o'clock (you can tell I'm mad just thinking about it again, right?) at night. I was getting ready for bed, heard some noise outside, went down and found Mrs Wee locked out of her house - keys in handbag. The cops were still about, about as helpful as my dog was, but quieter.

I offered to drive Mrs Wee to Bendemeer, which we did, met the guy and got the bag back - she lost some cash, but everything else was OK.

I thought the cops were bloody xxxxing idiotic but Mrs Wee didn't want to kick up a fuss later.

In the last few years, we've been scaling back on the cops presence, with many police posts being closed or operating only at certain daylight hours. They've consolidated some so now we have a few bigger police stations. After this episode, my respect for them (bunch of xxxxing macho arseholes in uniform, dealing with penile inadequacy syndrome by strutting about with self-important haughtiness) is near zero.

Well, at least they're generally not corrupt.

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