Thursday, April 24, 2008

Malaysiakini story "16th April" on pig issue

It was reported in last week that "M'cca CM flamed over blog-post on pig farm". Today I overheard on RTM Propoganda news once again trying to play up this story again declaring that the malays in Selangor are angry at Pakatan Rakyat. It has been made public, however that an UMNO man, a MALAY UMNO MAN; if not clear I will say it again, Badawi's Islam Hadhari party and UMNO MAN; Karim Mansor; former state assemblyman of Tanjung Sepat approved the project.

Not only did he approve the project but, Karim Mansor made a trip to Germany to visit a PIG FARM already using this technology. He was standing in a Pig pan...something I (a Kafir) would not even do. Now he leads the state opposition party in a protest against this Centralised Pig Farm in Sepang. Now suddenly he is the good muslim inciting religous and racial sentiments.

Is this not typical BN style politics, the very politics we as in ALL MALAYSIANS (Malay, Chinese, Indians) voted out. We said enough of dividing us, enough of inciting racial sentiments; we love each other too much and we love Malaysia too much.

This Centralised Pig Farm is going to consolidate the many pig farms in the Klang Valley and Selangor into one location; using modern technology to ensure clean and hygenic disposal of waste and water. I thought it was a great idea and credit should go to the former Selangor government but since they deny any knowledge of it; well then GOOD JOB Tan Sri Khalid and gang!

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