Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to believe?

In 1998, Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy accuser named a place and time of the alleged sodomy offence; a place and time which did not even exist at that time. The building was not even completed and still under construction. The accuser; Azizan retracted his earlier statement and changed his report several times. During the trial, he even commented that he was never sodomised. Sukma Dermawaan and Munawar Anees were the other two who had later written affidavits of their forced confession under police custody. These were the 3 men the Police produced to nail Anwar.

However in the end as we all know, the judiciary, the police, the PMs Department and vitually every government machinery was used to secure an arrest, convict and sentence Anwar to 6 years incarceration.

This very same episode is now happening. An accuser who is incommunicado and whose family makes statements through lawyers, a police report which Anwar and his lawyers have never seen, however Khairy (the PM’s son-in law) who has nothing to do with the case, supposedly, has seen the police report. Anwar and his lawyers have no clue as to when the alleged sodomy took place. We suppose the police would like to have Anwar’s complete diary together with the DNA samples as a noose to hang himself with.

Notwithstanding that the accuser has met the DPM twice before this allegation. Once to supposedly ask for a scholarship eventhough he is a University dropout and the second time to say that he was sodomised. The DPM held his hands and comforted him.

The Prime Minister, the home affairs minister, and several other leaders are all urging Anwar to give the police the noose.

All this surfacing just days before Anwar was to announce his bid for a by-election and the defection of a few BN top guns.

Do you smell a rat or what? In light of all this how are we Malaysians to belive the government and Royal Malaysian Police? Aiyoh, the economy is in shambles and they're so preoccupied with Anwar!! For goodness sake GOVERN!

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