Saturday, October 18, 2008

Window closing

The Perfect storm which swept Malaysia in March 2008 may soon unwind. Pakatan Rakyat may lose their opportunity to form the next government and to end 51 years of BN rule. Assuming Pakatan Rakyat waits till the next General Elections in 2012, the elements which helped the opposition gain ground may be reversed.

In 2012, the world economy would be just turning around, trouble causers will be in jail and controversial cases like the murder of the innocent Mongolian girl and commission at the defence ministry will all be buried long before 2012. There may not be a vocl critic like Mahathir and the democratic space will be greatly curbed. The general public will return to their busy life of making money, too afraid to rock their rice boat. The BN race parties will continue to play each race against the other.

Scary thought.
Carpe diem!

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