Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Malaysiakini -What is BN without their fear tool

My entry to Malaysiakini voxpopuli
Recently Tengku Razaleigh has come out as the lone voice of wisdom from Barisan Nasional. Razaleigh said ‘the BN system has broken down because the negotiated power-sharing arrangement which held the coalition together since independence has stopped working.'The negotiated power-sharing arrangement which Tengku is referring to stopped working when Umno used May 13 as a‘fear tool'.

There is no more a belief that this power-sharing was for the good of the people. Much like Napolean, the pig in Animal Farm who started the revolt but later became a tyrant. Umno has become the Napolean of Malaysia today.May 13 was always used to keep the other animals in check. At every election after 1969, the ghost of May 13 would be raised by BN to haunt Malaysia. Te ethnic Chinese and Indians would then ‘behave' properly to return BN back to power year after year.What is Barisan Nasional without this fear tool? Their magic wand in the form of racial politics finally slid from their hands and they are exposed on March 8, 2008.

In their nakedness, the people saw them for what they were.The emperor may still hold the power, but the people have lost respect for without the coverings, corruption, deceit and desperation are exposed.A unity government may bring back the shadows of racism which we exorcised on March 8. What we need is a new federal government who will concentrate on the economy and on other issues which have been long neglected like education, the infrastructure and controlled development.

Selangor has attained the highest foreign investment in over nine years even during a recession. How much more we could have prospered if the federal government itself was under the hands of a people-friendly government.


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