Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Merdeka Gen

A generation disillusioned - Posted in Malaysiakini

Aug 12, 09

I was born after Merdeka and my generation grew up with loyalty and love for the country. We went to Thomas Cup matches to cheer our national team and we were there when the soccer team made their international debut against the best in the region.

A truly multiracial team. I learnt in Tatarakyat how Ali, Ah Chong and Ramasamy would play together and were the best of friends. I even saw it at my home when my father's colleagues would come to our house for Chinese New Year to share a meal together.

When I entered the workforce in the 90s, I realised that there were walls and they were getting higher. I had fewer Malay friends. Our society was getting more segregated. Enrollment into Chinese schools increased and I was told Malay friends wouldn't eat in your home if you cooked the food at home.

Politically, Umno began spewing more venomous and racially charged statements. Words like 'go back to China', 'you can leave if you don't like it' or 'soak the keris in blood' uttered by Malay leaders hurt a great deal. A new level of distrust arose between the races.

After 52 years of Independence, we are still unable to get beyond race and unable to truly work together as one. Umno and BN are oxymorons and contending against each other. Even now, with Najib's 1Malaysia, Umno is championing Malay rights and warning Malays that they may lose this country if they allow the 'Chinese opposition' to take control.

They speak about Malay traitors like PAS and Anwar Ibrahim. Najib's 1Malaysia is not the 1Malaysia my generation is dreaming about. Najib's 1Malaysia is not the 1Malaysia Datuk Onn Jaafar envisioned and not the 1Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman had hoped for.

Najib's 1Malaysia is a sham, a fake and nothing but a easy slogan.

Unity in Malaysia has been destroyed by narrow political agendas. A political party which feels that its existence and continuation is far more important than the nation itself is seeking to be even more divisive by spewing out venomous racially charged words.
Instead of coming together and working as one to compete globally, Umno and BN seek to play the racial game and continue dividing this nation for political selfish gains. This is most irresponsible and an act that will continue the downward spiral of Malaysia.

Malays, Chinese and Indians must unite under a different banner to fight this division and bigotry for the sake of our beloved country. We must return to the spirit of Datuk Onn Jaafar and Tunku Abdul Rahman, who loved Malaysia more than themselves.


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