Monday, January 11, 2010

Another new low for Malaysia

Church attacks - blame lies squarely on PM
Meng Yee
Jan 8, 10
I refer to the Malaysiakini report Three churches fire-bombed.

I write this after churches in Selangor and the Klang Valley were attacked. I as a Christian bear no grudge or hatred towards the perpetrators.

After all to Christians, we worship no idols and the buildings we worship in are nothing more than buildings. The church is the people whose faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

However, what is sad is to see our leaders in the government passively endorsing anti-Christian protests. Through yesterday's messages by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, Home Affairs Minister Hishammuddin Hussien Onn and Deputy Prime Minister Muyhiddin Yassin, the government endorsed all the actions taken by these attackers.

The responsibility and blame should now lie squarely on the shoulders of our PM and his government. If they had any sense of honour they should resign or apologise but of course we know that would never happen.

Malaysians have heard, and now have seen and I believe many are now disappointed with his so-called '1Malaysia' policy.

As for the almost defunct MCA and MIC, now is the time to speak up or forever become irrelevant. Now is the time to stand up against those in Umno who say the protests are okay and who reject the High Court's ruling allowing the Herald to use the world 'Allah'.

We want a strong statement from MCA and MIC and from the other component parties of the BN government. On the other hand, perhaps its better if you don't since you are supposedly representing race and your protest will be seen as a protest from the Chinese or Indians.

In actual fact ,we have had enough of racial politics - the entire BN government should take time to reflect on what they are doing to this beloved country of ours.


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