Monday, February 10, 2014


Much has transpired in the lives of ordinary Malaysians in the last 10 months since GE13.  The Rakyat has learned to cope with rising cost of living, aggressive voices of bigotry and religious fervor and fundamentalism.   All of which is at a feverish pitch which we have never seen before in Malaysia.  Many are frustrated that Putrajaya provides little to no leadership and in fact many are convinced that it is UMNO who is behind much of the provocation.

Somehow, it is as if there is a disconnect between the BN government campaigning before GE13 and the government after GE 13.  The promises, the upbeatness, the good times vaporized as soon as the ministers were sworn in.  Subsidies withdrawn bit by bit, utility rates go up and soon everything else rises along.  Everyone feels it but perhaps the anger is exacerbated when the leaders continue to live lavish lives while telling the Rakyat to modify their lifestyle.  Everyone is affected from the taxi driver to the Manager in the boardroom by this sudden and steep inflation.  Our lives are all the more harder and precarious after GE13. 

The Kajang by-election according to the politicians is a way to defend Selangor and for the state to progress beyond what it has accomplished thus far.  Many disagree with the way it has been done.  However one sees it, whether it is ethical or not, we must take full advantage to tell the BN Government that our lives in this last 10 months have been difficult.  We were promised much but little has been delivered.  We are fed up with the bigotry, incitement, racial politics and hate speeches that divide us as Malaysians.

Having the Kajang by-election is a way for the Rakyat to voice her frustrations and anger.  I believe Kajang is going to be a Referendum on the BN government.  Malaysia post GE13 is very different and the people are living harder lives.  All this while race religious relations is at an all time low.  Kajang must be the  representative for all Malaysia to vote unanimously in support of a strong Selangor state government but more so, for a new Federal Government under the leadership of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his Pakatan Rakyat. 


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