Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Perhaps what astounded me most in this Low Yat Plaza fiasco is the level of fear still among Malaysians of a repeat of May 13.  That is the May 13 of 1969 when race riots erupted in Kuala Lumpur. Granted many of those who are jittery are those who were old enough to have witnessed the May 13 violence. 
I was only fourteen months old when this violence erupted and I was oblivious to anything untoward. Therefore, granted I maybe naïve as to the potential of any such violence in Malaysia.  However as we learn more about our country over the last 57 years, we have come to know that we are closer than we think and the majority of us are patriots who love this country and the uniqueness we each bring to the table.
There are certain political groups, namely the current ruling elite who justify their existence because of a divided Malaysia.  As it was in May 13 and so it is in every other race eruptions in Malaysia we see the hand of these political monsters who wish to see a divided Malaysia along the same lines as their political coalition. 
Here is the truth about May 13, ambitious “young turks” who orchestrated the riots and incited race tensions:

Last weeks eruption at LowYat Plaza was also instigated by certain quarters. What was a simple theft at a phone shop erupted into racial riots pretty quickly and here is why.  Papagomo’s tweets as pointed out by the police incited the hatred. https://twitter.com/papagomo?lang=en     
Who is papagomo?
His name is Wan Mohd Azri Wan Deris as exposed by Sdr rafizi here:
He is a pro UMNO blogger who incites malays to rise up against the chauvinistic Chinese especially DAP.

Then videos also captured another gentleman whom we know very well.  Butt-man Mohd Ali Haji Baharom or nickname Ali Tinju also showed up pretty quickly to give a spirited racist ceramah at LowYat Plaza that night. In his speech he accused Chinese youths of beating up Malay youths.  He can be seen in action  here :
In case you forget who he is here are some pictures:

This is the same man who created the little ruckus at the door way of the "Nothing to Hide"expose which prompted police to cancel the event on grounds of violence. If anything he is Najib's or UMNO's henchman. 

So what am I trying to say?  
There is no racial riot to fear, there is only a desperate political party inciting young, disenfranchised Malay youths to riot. Many of them are members of Malay NGO's called up at any time to work like they did last weekend. The sad thing is that they would even resort to such violence in the holy month of Ramadan.  

If we spread fear by forwarding messages especially the ones making its rounds on Whatsapp - "to beware of Malays and to stay away from Low Yat Plaza and KL" we are only giving credit to their dirty political work. 

The issue before us as a nation is the billions of Ringgit unaccounted for and the recent accusation of millions entering the Prime Minister's personal account just before the 13th General Elections. That is the question which affects all malaysians.
The issue before us is the economy and the difficulty of millions of Malaysians making ends meet because of rising cost of everything and the recent Goods and Services Tax (GST). 
The issue before us is the deplorable state of our education system and the many disenfranchised youths who are unemployable because of their lack of skills. The flip flopping between malay medium of instruction to english and back to malay.

So friends, don't give in to fear for that would only lend credence to their ploy.  The majority of Malaysians are right thinking and peace loving and seek only truth and justice.   


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