Sunday, February 04, 2007

I was in Subang Parade when there was a gun fight!

Tonight I came within 10 feet of a gun shot!!! It started out a nice evening in Subang Parade, having a Japanese Sushi meal. All of a sudden there were gun shots ringing all over the shopping complex. The quick thinking restaurant manager, pulled the shutters and encouraged everyone to keep he heads down. It was a robbery, on Saturday night in the busy shopping complex in Subang Jaya!!!!

The robbers ran out the front exit and just kept shooting as they crossed the road towards Alliance bank. One of the shots hit the front glass window of the restaurant we were in. On the way out we were passed the goldsmith shops and saw 3 guards sprawled on the floor in front of the shop. A scene from a TV show!!! My family was a bit shaked, so we made our way to the basement and drove home quickly.

This is not good!! This is the type of violence we only hear about in neighbouring countries like Phillipines or Indonesia.....gunfights in a crowded shopping mall is not indication of a civil society with a certain sense of peace. Our city has been under threat from snatch thieves, robbers, car jackings and violent crimes. Something is terribly wrong with our country as law and order breaks down and the sense of peace we should get as citizens begin to evaporate.

The government MUST recognise the problem. Our policemen need higher salaries, modern equipment and greater discipline. We need to bring a certain amount of law and order back to our country and the government must put priority on this.



Scary isn't it ? Relate to you a story. I use to take a bus to and from work in Sydney. The suburb I was living in was , how shall I put it, an affluent suburb maybe ? One day, when I hopped off the bus I decided to pop by at a drive in liquour shop to reward myself with a cask of red wine for a hard week's work. I then proceeded to the counter to pay for the wine and there was 1 or 2 other persons in front of me. Next thing I know, 2 hooded men rushed in and started waving what I believe to be a machette or a gun and shouted obscenities at the cashier getting her to fill their loot bag. The 2 or 3 of us dropped our liquor and started running out of the shop, not really caring whether the robbers would take a shot at us or not. It was merely a couple of meters away from death !! That night I could not sleep due to the shock. Life is not safe anymore these days. Nowadays, when I go into a liquour shop, I make sure I get my wine as quick as possible. Paranoia reigns !!

andre said...


I'm glad that everyone is ok. The difference between an adventure and a tragedy is whether anyone was hurt - thankfully for you, no one was.

The Hedonese said...

whoa! i was shocked just looking at the TV screen and recognising subang parade... even tat is too close for comfort, thank God u and family are safe...

Sigh... maybe we need a homeland security department in msia as well!

Anonymous said...

Thank God you and your family were kept safe from it all!!