Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nonmalay models belittles local models....?

This takes the icing on the cake!!! Of all the absurd comments by Malaysia's Information Minister, this has gotta be the dumbest of them all.......what do you all think?

Government reasons that non-Malay models belittle local models
By Bardan Kippusamy
South China Morning Post

The Malaysian modelling and advertising industries are in shock after the government announced it was reviving a ban on the multiracial Asian faces that dominate billboards and magazines. Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin said yesterday that models with so-called "pan-Asian" features were not representative of Malaysian demographics."Using pan-Asian faces means downgrading local faces," he said. "We have to give priority to models with local looks." Pan-Asians are popular in ethnically diverse Malaysia, where advertisers tend to use their neutral features to avoid alienating any customers.

A prime example is model and actress Maya Karim, 27, who is of Malay-Chinese-German parentage and is the latest poster girl for L'Oreal Malaysia.

A ban on pan-Asian faces is already in force at two government-owned television stations that cater mainly for majority Malays, who form 60 per cent of the population.The announcement on Sunday extended the ban to advertising carried by private television stations, the print media and billboards.The minister said the ban would eventually cover all media, but it was unclear when it would take effect.The ministry would have the power to decide on whether a model's features were appropriate, and be backed up by the weight of law. ....(They have the time???)

A similar ban was imposed in 1997, but the law was later shelved amid an outcry. Now, the government is again under pressure from cultural and religious purists who want to promote "local faces" in the media.The issue is often debated in Muslim publications and websites, where Eurasian models are criticised for dressing scantily, smoking and visiting night clubs.

Model Betty Ibtisam Benafe, 28, who is of Malay-Arabian-Javanese parentage, said the ruling would affect her work and income."We might end up jobless," she said. "The government should have an open mind ... we are also selling Malaysia to the world."Copywriter Alwin Tan said the ruling, if it took effect, would seriously damage the advertising industry, which was already held back by more than 30 different rules."We are a multicultural society and pan-Asian faces like Maya Karim are neither Malay, nor Chinese or Indian, but all of them put together," he said."We should celebrate diversity instead of banning it."Karim told Kosmo! magazine that the ruling was "confusing and unfair"."Our looks may differ but we are all Malaysians," she said.

Human rights lawyer Anuchuthan Sivanesan said the government should let the advertisement industry manage itself."Anyway, who is to decide whether a face is Malay or Chinese or pan-Asian," he said. "This is ridiculous."



Its about competition again. Same theory with cars. See how much cheaper the local cars are compared to foreign ones. Whether it makes sense or not, its purely about protecting the 'locals' from competition. In cars, price difference rules. In modelling agencies, this rule will ensure minority of the mixed bloods will get their fair share of cake. Wait a minute, sounds like NEP all over again doesn't it, just applied in different areas ? Like they say keep the methods consistent.

Leslie, by the way you are modelling for us on the frontpage of lspj87. he he he. Not my doing ah...

andre said...

They should spend their time on something more productive. This is why Malaysia will end up going no where. Does the phrase "fiddling while Rome burns" mean anything to them?

Oh, well, I suppose I'm not in a position to criticize since I'm no longer a citizen.

BTW, comment on my blog on your blogging activity...

Anonymous said...

This ban has got nothing to do with "race" but Muslim supremacy. For 49-years the UMNO Party has not been "Malay" but Muslim.

They want all people, be it Pan-Asian models looking Muslims by wearing burqa, hijab, serban, and janggut. That is what they mean when they say "insufficiently local looks".

The concept of "Ketuanan Melayu" is a political concept that has nothing to do with the Malay race but rather an Islamist concept of Muslim supremacy. In Sharia, Muslims are supreme and non Muslims (kaafir) are inferior.

All people regardless of race must look like Muslims (ie dress like Muslims) if they want to have a job. Its halal to discriminate against Malaysians irrespective of race due to their religion.

REMEMBER, in Malaysia you must look Muslim (ie local looks) otherwise you can be economically, politically and socially discriminated.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia will always have unsettled waters when it comes to political related matters. I cannot see true democracy being practised in Malaysia and it is only because of the fundamental beliefs of the country. I agree with "Anonymous #1" who has quite aptly said it as it is.

Meng said...

Thanks for the comments.
Unfortunately, our politicians and leaders are the least religious. I tend to think that they are more political and racial then they are religous. Many "use" islam for their own poltical ends and advancement. Here is a good article written by a malay scholar...

Han Meng said...

hey, using religion as an excuse for duping the populace has a history as old as religion itself viz "magic", dubious "prophets", etc. Clearly our politicians dont have much to do - perhaps we are not paying them enough as down south does ?? Then perhaps no one will have the time to focus on "racial features". Would it be sad then if you were Malay but didn't look it ??

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous 1

I think you'd better watch out for all the words that you threw in your comments regarding the islamic issues.The ban has got nothing to do with all of the stuff that you wrote(islam). it is obviously more to political games as islam will never involve in such stuff specially anything that is forbidden in our religion.

and excuse me, "in sharia , muslim are superior and non moslem are inferior?"
how do you know that?i bet you are not even a moslem..n even if u were..probably u have no knowledge about your own religion as most of moslem malaysian that i met, they dont really understand islam in a good way.
in Islam, we are commanded to maintain good relation with non moslem .Plus, it is our duty and responsibility also in our religion to give our hands to non moslem who come out and seek help from us.Please refrain from spreading false information about islam. thank you.

and a Muslim is not a malay. a muslim is muslim be it arab moslem,malay moslam,chinese moslem and even a jewish moslem etc.. we moslem are all one and this is what our God has stressed about in our Holy book..

"Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you."

only those who obey God and His Prophet are the most honored people in the eyes of God.

and i agree with Meng ;

"Many "use" islam for their own poltical ends and advancement."

thumbs up for ur brilliant thinking and because you dont generalize things easily.