Saturday, February 02, 2008

Equity Conditions for Investment into Malaysia

This set of conditions taken out of the Economic Planning Unit's (EPU) Foreign Investment Committee. In other words this is the document meant in providing guidelines for foreigners who wish to invest in Malaysia. If you had a million ringgit would you put it in Malaysia given these "guidelines"....
Equity Conditions
13.1 Companies which do not have any Bumiputera equity or having less than
30% Bumiputera equity, are required to have or to increase the
Bumiputera equity to at least 30%. The remaining equity shareholding
can be held either by local interest, foreign interest or by both;

13.2 Companies with Bumiputera equity shareholding of 30% or more, but
less than 51% are required to maintain at least 30% Bumiputera equity at
all times;

13.3 Companies which already have Bumiputera equity shareholding of 51%
or more, will be required to maintain at least 51% Bumiputera equity at all

13.4 The requirement of at least 30% Bumiputera equity participation will be
applied uniformly except if expressly stated otherwise by the
Government; guidelines:

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