Friday, February 29, 2008

young and idealistic but thats what we may need now

Have gone to 2 ceramah's this week and I think I've fulfilled my quota for this week. On a weekday it gets quite tiring....especially after the DAP Ceramah with Hannah Yeoh and Guoburne Loh I suddenly feel very old :< - I think it is really good that we have an opportunity to vote some young blood with energy and restlesness.

One thing I am more convince off is that we need to see an end to race based politics. Communal politics - using race issues to incite or create negative emotions between the races. According to Lee Wah Beng MCA Kelana candidate; a multi racial setting will always have a majority malay representation. Therefore we need MCA (him) to represent and voice the needs of the chinese people.

Firtsly the MCA has been doing a lousy job if that is the rationale for its existence. It is subservient to UMNO and very carefully threads on issues which may deem sensitive. Loh Seng Kok found himself cut off when he raised issues that were "sensitive".

Secondly; Lee Wah Beng's premise is that a malay will never look after chinese interest and a chinese will never look after malay interest. This maybe true for the BN leaders, but I would like to think that as our dark side as Malaysians.

Thridly; We spent so much energy and time working fighting for "the struggle" in each of the communal parties. UMNO's struggle, MCA's struggle etc. We forget that there is a Malaysian agenda and that we are slipping economically. Who then looks after Malaysia as a whole?

50 years of thinking this way is certainly not going to be easy to change. However we need to start somewhere and I think that somewhere is in our young leaders. Idealistic and naive as they may seem; they come with little baggage and their voices in government will be a fresh perspective on the future of Malaysia.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat has publicly stated that they will work towards an end to racial politics and DAP has consistently called for the Bangsa Malaysia concept.

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