Friday, March 07, 2008

"change your lifestyle" - Ha easy to say!

Bersih slams Najib's jet campaign trips
Azreen Madzlan Mar 7, 08 12:36pm ,

Polls reform group Bersih has criticised Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak for making use of a government Fokker executive jet during the campaign period.

Last Tuesday, New Straits Times featured a photograph of Najib taking a nap with her daughter in the plane while on the way to campaign in Kelantan.
Bersih committee member and PKR candidate for the Batu parliamentary seat Tian Chua said it is illegal for Najib to use the jet for campaigning because the Fokker belongs to the government.

This is the kind of arrogance that the Rakyat are fed up with. Bad enough using government facilities for political purpose, but during the campaign period just shows a total disrespect for the EC, for the election process and the rakyat.

Nicely cuddling in with his daughter on a jet on UMNO business is hardly acceptable. I hope the people of Kelantan and the whole Malaysia rise up against this kind of arrogance.

It is this man who tells the rakyat to "change our lifestyle." Obviously he has lost touch with the rakyat's plight and pain. Very sad indeed that such a man can become a leader of the malay people and of Malaysia. If this is the future of Malaysia then we are to be in mourning now.

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