Friday, March 28, 2008

Check Mate

I am not good at chess partly because I don’t have the capacity to think too far ahead. I cannot see too many steps ahead. However, if I launch an attack, I expect to win or at least take some guys out.

The last 2 weeks we see PM Abdullah insist on his candidate Datuk Idris Jusoh over the royal preference of Ahmad Said. That he insisted and said that the Sultan of Terengganu’s appointee of Menteri Besar to Terengganu is unconstitutional is equivalent to launching an attack and confrontation with the palace. Any person with some stuff between the ears knows that unless you truly expect to win or have something very good up your sleeve; don’t engage in a zero sum game with the royal house.

The PM did and we all thought, maybe he had some “files” on the royal house (Tun Mahahthir’s style) and that is why he was so bold as to challenge the Sultan’s council. Little did we know that after the meeting with The Sultan; and His Royal Highness insisted on YB Ahmad as the MB, the PM simply retreated.

The question that is left in my mind is why in the world did Pak Lah challenge the Royal Palace in the first place and why did he insist on Idris Jusoh if he didn’t think he was going to stand up to the Sultan. He could have met privately with the Sultan first and then come out publicly with the sultan’s choice and the public will have been none the wiser.

As a result....last nights press conference with the tail between his to speak.
The newspaper comes out to spin "BN has decided"...(to accept the Sultan's apointee) Lucky for the sultan :>

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