Monday, September 29, 2008

Pak Lah's 2 minute Warning

In American Football, the losing team is within reach of the end zone and the clock is ticking down. The team waits for the last 2 minutes known as the “2 Minute warning”. The Quarterback throws deep into the end zone hoping his wide receivers will catch the ball and score a final touchdown without anytime left for the opponent to come back. This is known as throwing a “Hail Mary.”

Pak Lah is in his final 2 minutes of the game. Will he have the tenacity to fight like a wounded tiger? Pak Lah, I hope you are reading this. You can leave office with your head down and tail between your legs or you can go with a legacy and guns blazing. For your name and for the country this is what you should do:

1) Insist that the trial of the decade be completed by December. Expose whoever was behind the murder of Altantuya and bring justice for the family of the deceased. Whoever it maybe even if it includes any VVIP.
2) Unleash the ACA fully and give them the green light to bring to book any corruption involving the Defence Ministry and the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the last 5 years. Prosecute those who have plundered and robbed from the citizens.
3) Reshuffle your cabinet and bring back Zaid Ibrahim. Remove all those who challenged your Presidency. Give Zaid Ibrahim a free hand in reforming the judiciary
4) Revisit and call for a Royal Inquiry into the 1988 judicial crises and prosecute those who have wronged the nation.
5) Investigate and prosecute all those involved in Project “M” where illegal immigrants flooded Sabah and were given Malaysian IC
6) Repeal the ISA and free all ISA detainees or bring to court those who are truly criminals.
7) Implement the IPCMC at the Royal Malaysian Police

Pak Lah must be firm to complete these reforms. He must carry it out swiftly and quickly. Do not even hesitate for a minute. It must all be completed or at least half way there by December 2008. Listen to nobody and each day focus on these reforms. You will be the best Prime Minister Malaysia has ever seen yet,. if you are courageous enough to complete these task. For all you know, you may lengthen your days as Prime Minister. Good luck.

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