Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ooh Something stinks in UMNO!

The ground is shaking in Malaysia and its NOT caused by the financial crisis. In fact Malaysia maybe the only country in the world who is unscathed by the crisis (according to DPM). Something really STINKY is surfacing from within UMNO and the ruling party. ...its the smell of death and rotting flesh.

Apparently Najib is moving into position as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia and in his haste is already removing Badawi's men by way of corruption charges and prosecution.

Pak Lah's men is not going to sit quietly and hence the rabbit hopping has begun. The opposition stands to gain! In fact the latest news that Sirul, one of the accused in the Altantuya murder has testified that he was merely a scapegoat for somepersons maybe a reminder of the noose that still hangs around a certain individual.
This individual to me is a National Security Threat! Imagine if a foreign government for example Singapore were to get information with regards to one of the skeletons in this future leader's closet and use it as a bargaining tool; will Malaysia not be compromised??!

I will once again be at the edge of my seat watching events unfold and this once mighty and arrogant political party unravel itself into irrelevance.

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