Sunday, February 08, 2009

Open Letter to Tengku Razaleigh - Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini -- My recent letter to editor.
Dear Tengku,
Your analysis of the situation in Perak and your unbiased statements establishes your character and your mark as a man of principle and integrity. It is unfortunate that history did not find a place for you as the fifth prime minister of Malaysia.

Your consistent call for integrity and fair play has landed on deaf ears not because your message is irrelevant but because the political party which you once knew is no more. It remains a shell devoid of any honour and pride.

There is only a beast hungry for money, power and positions. To Umno the ends justify the means. There is no turning back for Umno and it is impossible for it to change. Those who are in leadership and want to stay in leadership cannot change those who supply the money. Its an evil courtship between politicians, businessmen and government.

Tengku, for the sake of Malaysia and her people the most effective way for you to turn the tide of degeneration in Malaysia is to throw your support behind Pakatan Rakyat.
It is not ideal but it is built on good intentions and honourable goals. Goals which you in your writings reflect. It was you, dear Tengku, according to historians who brought Anwar Ibrahim into Umno.

If you could not have the chance to be prime minister although you were the legitimate winner then, now help the one whom you brought in decades ago. Your support for Pakatan Rakyat will be much more valued then in the failing Barisan Nasional which has already sidelined you.

Help us young people fulfill our dreams for a better Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

i am in total agreement.

razaleigh, please walk the talk. UMNO, in its present form, is not reformable.

Antares said...

Tengku Razaleigh has become, by default, the only Umno leader whose hand I would shake. He deserves a big hug if he quits Umno :-)

Urban Green said...


Tuanku, You can be an INDEPENDENT and also throw your weight with BARISAN RAKYAT and hence team up with PAKATAN RAKYAT. Why not you and a group of "INDEPENDENTS" support for the good of MALAYSIA. We can play the same GAME that UMNO and the BN plays

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